Даник бьёт

—meowNIman, 28.07.2022 18:57

—kohovecVlad, 24.07.2022 17:44
Лучше пиши по-русски, нифига не понля :)

—The_DnK, 09.05.2021 16:55
it semms like all pages shoulb be updated

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 11:00
ugh " isn working as i was hopping it to nvm ill just wait for new ShoutBox version with discord integration

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 10:57
The_Dnk, it's time to update "About us" and dont forget to left a short notice about what happent with "original" and where to download it. BTW i think "Download" must contain some explonations since we got messy with main old main and diffrent MC vercions

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 10:55
mb we should allow messages from server to appear up here

—meowNIman, 05.05.2021 20:33
Привет привет

—The_DnK, 04.05.2021 18:29
Не знаю, что сюда написать, поэтому просто - привет)

—Explosive, 04.05.2021 03:01
Зачем она тебе в лаунчере, если можно на сайт зайти? :)

—The_DnK, 07.03.2021 07:39

Preparing for MAIN server upgrade

18.11.2019 19:21 The_DnK 871

The GregicAdditions mod will be replaced, so if you want a full refund of resources, then by 00:00 11/23/2019 please take screenshots of the chests with loot from this mod. This is an addon on GregTech, all items are directly related to it. And aswell will be removed the Immersive eng. mod and all of his addons. List of items from GregicAdittions:
* All tiers of Circuit assembler, mass fab, replicator.
* All machines IV-UV tiers.
* Fusion reactor and all his blocks.
* All superconductors cable
* ALL circuits which possible to craft
* TinkersConstuct furnace casting molds for extruder machine
* All circuit borads
* All double ingots, rounds and cruverd plates
* Coke oven, from gregicadittions.
* All the fishing machines
* All block from assebly line
* Rock breaker
* Steam mixer
* All tiers naquadah reactor
* All tiers cluster mill
And also do not forget to remove from AE ALL circuits and other items from the mod GregicAdditions AND Immersive Eng, or then there may be problems. This update is only part of a close-up on optimizing and removing useless mods.

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