Чатик на спавне на MAIN починил ;)

—The_DnK, 13.12.2020 23:06

—Droni4ek, 09.10.2020 11:16
I Know The_DNnk. Nice player. I think he didn't make unfounded accusations. But he is obviosly full of honesty

—meowNIman, 11.08.2020 03:34

—The_DnK, 31.07.2020 14:24
лаунчер топ

—meowNIman, 29.07.2020 16:02
Ну почти

—The_DnK, 22.07.2020 19:57
глобальной радиацией ? тип на тысячи блоков ? и загрязнение почвы и тд ?

—meowNIman, 22.07.2020 16:01
Согласен, я хотел его добавить. Правда я хотел его сразу нормально сделать, с радиацией глобальной, с теплообменником, но руки не дошли пока.

—The_DnK, 09.07.2020 22:44
он весьма реалистичен

—meowNIman, 09.07.2020 22:26
честно мне больше импанирует жидкостный реактор из ic2 exp в совместительстве с турбинами из railcraft

—meowNIman, 09.07.2020 22:25

[NP Utils] v1.1.03 is released!

02.12.2019 07:15 The_DnK 457

So next features was added in version 1.1.03:
  • Fixed same stators recipes
  • Some another recipes fixes
  • Finished solar panels
  • Added power invertors as high-current transformers/panel controllers
  • Added crafting recipes for solar panels and power invertors
  • Added full Russian translation
Fixed bug same recipes of LV and MV stators. Finnaly finished solar panel logic and rewrited some rendering solutions. Now available power inverters: it is step-up transformers operating on 16A on input and 4A on output. There is no option to step-down voltage, but there is solar panel-only mode. When it is enabled, inverter working only with solar panel controller, so it is not needed to place piece of cable under panels. It looks like: 
So inverters: on top - panel-only mode, on bottom - just step-up transformer

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