Даник бьёт

—meowNIman, 28.07.2022 18:57

—kohovecVlad, 24.07.2022 17:44
Лучше пиши по-русски, нифига не понля :)

—The_DnK, 09.05.2021 16:55
it semms like all pages shoulb be updated

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 11:00
ugh " isn working as i was hopping it to nvm ill just wait for new ShoutBox version with discord integration

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 10:57
The_Dnk, it's time to update "About us" and dont forget to left a short notice about what happent with "original" and where to download it. BTW i think "Download" must contain some explonations since we got messy with main old main and diffrent MC vercions

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 10:55
mb we should allow messages from server to appear up here

—meowNIman, 05.05.2021 20:33
Привет привет

—The_DnK, 04.05.2021 18:29
Не знаю, что сюда написать, поэтому просто - привет)

—Explosive, 04.05.2021 03:01
Зачем она тебе в лаунчере, если можно на сайт зайти? :)

—The_DnK, 07.03.2021 07:39

[MAIN server] Wipe & maintenance completed

18.01.2020 21:17 The_DnK 2 168
Do you like new spawn?

So we are finally finished MAIN server wipe procedure. You are welcome to join server. We highly recomend you to delete folder %APPDATA%\.nukepowered\MAIN to forced-download new configs and resourcepacks!

  • Removed ThermalExpansion
  • Removed ThermalDynamics
  • Removed ThermalFoundation
  • Removed CoFHCore
  • Removed CoFHWorld
  • Removed EvenrgyConverters
  • Removed RedstoneFlux
  • Removed industrialcraft2
  • Removed TexFix
  • Removed theoneprobe
  • Added GeographiCraft (Biome tweaker)
  • Added Real Terrain Generator
  • Updated NukepoweredUtils 1.2.08 -> 1.3.18
  • Updated GregTechCE NP Edition ->


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