Зачем она тебе в лаунчере, если можно на сайт зайти? :)

—The_DnK, 07.03.2021 07:39
Кнопочка восстановления пароля в лаунчере будет ?

—meowNIman, 06.03.2021 23:46
Biolog, как видно из мониторинга - вполне живой. Людей правда мало играет :(

—The_DnK, 31.01.2021 09:38
Как там сервер, живой? xD

—Biolog, 30.01.2021 23:53
Чатик на спавне на MAIN починил ;)

—The_DnK, 13.12.2020 23:06

—Droni4ek, 09.10.2020 11:16
I Know The_DNnk. Nice player. I think he didn't make unfounded accusations. But he is obviosly full of honesty

—meowNIman, 11.08.2020 03:34

—The_DnK, 31.07.2020 14:24
лаунчер топ

—meowNIman, 29.07.2020 16:02
Ну почти

—The_DnK, 22.07.2020 19:57

[NP Utils] v1.3.21 is released!

20.01.2020 08:23 The_DnK 573

This version is required GTCEv1.8.13.470+ version to run. Since it has not yet been released you can download builded lates master version from my github.


  • Fixed brocken NanoMuscle recipes
  • Fixed brocken Wallet UI on server
  • Fixed worldgen not additing
  • Fixed non OreDict from scratch motor recipes
  • Changed mica vein, added gypsum
  • Added missed vendiong machine recipe
  • Added additional tooltip string for wallet


  • Fixed crush on using jetpack by somebody, when sound enabled pn server
  • Fixed worlgen, now we have asbestos vein (@see config/GregTech/overworld/npu_*.json)
  • Some misc bugfixes and incorrect code
  • Added proccessing array
  • Added few cooins and it values
  • Added coin wallet
  • Added vending machine
  • Fixed bugs with fuel jetpack
  • Fixed CT support, use "mods.nputils.recipe.RecipeMaps" for NP machines recipes

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