Лучше пиши по-русски, нифига не понля :)

—The_DnK, 09.05.2021 16:55
it semms like all pages shoulb be updated

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 11:00
ugh " isn working as i was hopping it to nvm ill just wait for new ShoutBox version with discord integration

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 10:57
The_Dnk, it's time to update "About us" and dont forget to left a short notice about what happent with "original" and where to download it. BTW i think "Download" must contain some explonations since we got messy with main old main and diffrent MC vercions

—meowNIman, 08.05.2021 10:55
mb we should allow messages from server to appear up here

—meowNIman, 05.05.2021 20:33
Привет привет

—The_DnK, 04.05.2021 18:29
Не знаю, что сюда написать, поэтому просто - привет)

—Explosive, 04.05.2021 03:01
Зачем она тебе в лаунчере, если можно на сайт зайти? :)

—The_DnK, 07.03.2021 07:39
Кнопочка восстановления пароля в лаунчере будет ?

—meowNIman, 06.03.2021 23:46
Biolog, как видно из мониторинга - вполне живой. Людей правда мало играет :(

—The_DnK, 31.01.2021 09:38

NP / Nukepowered Utils - addon for GTCE

An page, where you can read information about my addon for GTCE.

Nukepowered Utils is rewrited and modified fork of GregicAdditions. GA is licensed under the LGPLv3, and NP Utils is licensed under the GPLv3. This modification and relicense is allowed by the terms of the LGPLv3 Section 2.
This addon was created due to the abandonment of GregicAddtions and also because of the accumulated ideas to improve the gameplay of GTCE.

Downloads are available on curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/nukepowered-utils 

Next features are available now in addon:
  • Machines: Circuit Assembling Machine, Mass Fabricator, Replicator, Naquadah Reactors, tier 5-8 versions of existing machines 
  • Multiblocks: Fusion Reactor and Assembly Line 
  • Superconductors for every tier
  • Applied energistics 2 support (All recipes of processors, crystalls)
  • Machine and their components recycling
  • Machines: Cluster Mill 
  • Coke Oven - changed craft of GTCE's Coke oven
  • Processing: Plate bending, Positive and Neutral Matter instead of UU-Matter, Plates are crafted from Double Ingots, Wrenches are made with Plates instead of Ingots 
  • Support for Forestry's Electron Tubes 
  • Processing: Forming Clay into Bricks 
  • Processing: The Packager and Unpackager can craft and uncraft in a 3x3, Forming Clay into Bricks (inspired by GTNH) 
  • Forestry support (adds recipes for Electrodes and removes vanilla forestry electorne tubes recipe) 
  • Tinkers' support (changes the Grout recipe and make Molds and Extruder Shapes require casting)